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About Me

My name is Mijke (Pronounced ‘Maica’). I provide evidence based assessments and treatment for a wide range of mental health issues affecting children, teenagers and adults. My main modality is cognitive behavioural therapy, which is complemented by Minfulness and neuropsychotherapy. My approach is aimed at offering individualized treatment focused on each clients’ needs, with the overall goal of increasing well-being.

I grew up in the Netherlands, where I was trained as a Child and Adolescent Psychologist at the Free University of Amsterdam, graduating in 1997. I arrived in New Zealand in 1998 and became a Clinical Psychologist through further education and work experience. I started my career working with children presenting with a wide range of mental health difficulties, including autism and intellectual disabilities. In New Zealand I initially worked for the Public Mental Health system (Child, Adolescent and Family service). I then focused on working in the private sector with adults and children, which I continue to do till this day. I also have extensive experience in administering cognitive assessments. I am a registered Clinical Psychologist and a member of the New Zealand Psychological Society.

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Clinical Psychologist Mijke van Weert | 020 4070 8126


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